I press on towards the goal…

I press on towards the goal…

Twelve years after he first arrived in Philippi, Paul writes this letter from prison in Rome (Acts 28). Firstly, to acknowledge a gift received from the church. He is grateful for the loving concern that they have for him; demonstrated in their sending Epaphroditus to minister to him (4:10-18).

But this is more than a thankyou letter. He wants to update them concerning his own situation; and encourage them about the progress of the gospel, despite his own suffering. What he is enduring is far from being a setback for the cause of the gospel.

Paul also writes to encourage the believers in their faith; for which they too are also suffering (1:30). The letter is full of practical issues of Christian living. They are to stand firm against false teachers. They are to be united in fellowship. They are to continue to be a beacon for the gospel. They are to experience Christian joy; a theme Paul regularly refers to in this letter.

In this series we join these believers as they open this letter and discover the great themes that will enrich their faith in Jesus Christ.



Study No.TitleStudy Hand-outLeaders Notes
1.Philippians 1:1-6:“To all the saints in Christ Jesus…”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
2.Philippians 1:7-11: “I hold you in my heart”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
3.Philippians 1:12-18: “I want you to know…”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
4.Philippians 1:19-26: “To live is Christ”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
5.Philippians 1:27-30: “Worthy of the gospel”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
6.Philippians 2:1-4: “Complete my Joy”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
7.Philippians 2:12-18: “Humiliation & Exaltation”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
8.Philippians 2:12-18:“A good work out”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
9.Philippians 2:19-24:“I have noone like him”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
10.Philippians 2:25-30; 4:14-18:“He nearly died for the work of Christ”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
11.Philippians 3:1-3:“Truth vs Conflict”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
12.Philippians 3:4-11:“Profit & Loss”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
13.Philippians 3:12-16:“Running the Race”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
14.Philippians 3:17-4:1:“True Citizens”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
15.Philippians 4:1-3:“Agree in the Lord”[icon_file_pdf]
16.Philippians 4:4-7:“Rejoice in the Lord”[icon_file_pdf]