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Christian Growth: Believers baptism.

sure there is loads of good stuff in here to go with the intro to believers baptism but I dont have access to it at the moment. Instead Ill just give you a link to the audio recording. [icon_play]SBC-WNT-2011-ChristianGrowth-4-Believer’sBaptism-mp3-16Nov

Christian Growth: Biblical Giving

There is a danger of separating out the teaching on giving in the Old and New Testaments.In other words to say that in the Old Testament we have God’s people living under Law whereas now we live under grace and are no longer tied to what is required under the old dispensation. Whilst there is some truth in this, can it become an excuse to sell God short? We need a biblical perspective on giving. [blockquote author=”Gen 8:20″]Noah’s first response…