Studies on John 13-17

Studies on John 13-17

“On the night when He was betrayed…”

When we read the title of this series our immediate thoughts are taken to the Last Supper that Jesus shared with His disciples in the Upper Room.

Matthew, Mark and Luke all give us details of this momentous occasion as Jesus prepares to go to the cross. John however; despite giving us more information than any of the others about what happened that night, chooses not to describe the meal.

John’s gospel was written some years after the other three. The Last Supper had been described already in detail. Paul had taught about it in his first letter to the Corinthians. What John proceeds to do is give an insight into the other remarkable events of that night.

Of course; he was there; sitting next to Jesus at the table (John 13:23). He was there; among that small group of disciples whom Jesus took aside when He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:33).

The Lord of glory was about to be betrayed and murdered. The disciples would be scattered, and the boldest of them would deny even knowing Him. Into this Jesus speaks some of the most precious promises in all of Scripture. Here we find some of the most significant teaching that He gave. Then we are privileged to listen in to those intimate prayers of the Saviour, as He prepares to bring redemption to lost mankind through death and resurrection.

In this series we study these five remarkable chapters. Let us join those disciples at the Master’s feet.



Study No.TitleStudy Hand-outLeaders Notes
1.John 13:1-11:“Jesus knew that His hour had come.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
2.John 13:12-17:“I have given you an example”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
3.John 13:18-30:“And it was night.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
4.John 13:31-38:“A new commandment.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
5.John 14:1-6:“Which way to heaven?”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
6.John 14:7-14:“Show us the Father”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
7.John 14:15-20:“Jesus knew that His hour had come.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
8.John 14:21-24:“Obedience flowing from Love.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
9.John 14:25-31:“More lessons around the dinner table.”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
10.Reading: John 15:1-5:“I Am the true vine (1)”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
11.Reading: John 15:6-11:“I am the true vine (2)”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
12.Reading: John 15:12-17:“Fruitful Friends”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
13.Reading: John 15:18-25:“A servant is not greater than his master”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
14.Reading: John 15:26-16:4a:“Remember that I told them to you”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
15.Reading: John 16:4b-11:“It is to your advantage that I go away”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
16.Reading: John 16:12-15:“When the spirit of God comes”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
17.Reading: John 16:16-24:“A little while and …”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
18.Reading: John 16:25-33:“Plain speaking”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
19.Reading: John 17:1-5:“When Jesus had spoken these words”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
20.Reading: John 17:6-11:“Jesus prays for His disciples”[icon_file_pdf][icon_download]
21.Reading: John 17:12-19:“Sanctify them in the truth”[icon_file_pdf]
22.Reading: John 17:20-26:“So that the world may believe”[icon_file_pdf]